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An inventory of archaic and classical poleis

  title={An inventory of archaic and classical poleis},
  author={Mogens Herman Hansen},
Exile and the political cultures of the Greek polis, c. 404-146 BC
This thesis uses the evidence for a wide range of phenomena relating to the exile of citizens, by judicial decision or through stasis, to investigate the political cultures of Greek poleis in the
Digital Geography and Classics
The authors open by imagining one possible use of digital geographic techniques in the context of humanities research in 2017. They then outline the background to this vision, from early engagements
Ancient sites on Righa ’ s Charta . Some remarks based on the case of central Macedonia
Righas’ Charta, a very important product of Modern Greek Enlightenment and cartography, follows the tradition of the western European “post-ptolemaic” maps, but with the innovative element of the
The Places of Inscriptions : from Epigraphy to Digital
L’analisi e la pubblicazione delle iscrizioni comporta l’esame di molte diverse informazioni relative a “luoghi”: dai dati sul ritrovamento archeologico, l’originaria collocazione, la sede di
The Work of Craterus and the Documents in the Attic Orators and in the “Lives of the Ten Orators”
Summary This essay is divided into three parts. The first examines the documents about Antiphon in the “Lives of the Ten Orators” (Plut. X orat. 833d–834b), which have been attributed to the
Set in Stone? Exploring Multiple Dimensions of Petrification in Ancient Greek Cities
This paper introduces the concept of ‘urban petrification’ in order to assess the peculiar trajectories of early Greek urbanism. It first explores the multiple dimensions of urban space, contrasting
Making Cities: Economies of Production and Urbanisation in Mediterranean Europe 1000-500 BC
SESSION 2: TEXTILES AND URBANISATION ACROSS EUROPE (discussant: Simon Stoddart) 11.00–11.20 Francesca Fulminante, R. Witcher, P. Carafa & C. Capanna – Textile Production in Central Italy: initial