An introductory dictionary of Lacanian psychoanalysis

  title={An introductory dictionary of Lacanian psychoanalysis},
  author={Dylan Evans},
List of Figures. Preface. The Format of the Dictionary. Acknowledgements. Chronology. An Introductory Dictionary of Lacanian Psychoanalysis. Appendix: Page References to Lacan's Ecrits. Bibliography. Index of Terms. 
Language and the Flesh: Psychoanalysis and the Limits of Discourse
Presents a survey of the contested place of the real in some psychoanalytic theory. Emphasis on the ways in which the core of psychoanalytic thinking resists just the over-inflation of constructive
Fragment of an analysis of the mother in Freud.
v A Note on Abbreviations and the Word Mother vii Prologue: ‘Prelude for the Reader’ viii Chapter One: Freud and the Mother 1 Chapter Two: Feminism and Freud 21 Chapter Three: Freud 67 Chapter Four:
Lacan and Fantasy Literature: Portents of Modernity in Late-Victorian and Edwardian Fiction
A Lacanian reading of fantasy fiction 1887-1914 showing the return of atavistic horrors in the wake of the dissolution of traditional authorities. The book shows the critical power of fantasy read in
'Who's Your Daddy?': A Question of Sovereignty and the Use of Psychoanalysis
A parallel is drawn between a psychoanalytic subject and a liberal democratic subject. Just as in psychoanalysis, the democratic subject desires for freedom from a possible sovereign aggressor.
The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and Psychoanalysis
1. Freud's theater of the unconscious: Oedipus, Hamlet, and 'Hamlet' 2. Literature and fantasy: towards a grammar of the subject 3. From the uncanny to the unhomely 4. Psychoanalysis and the paranoid
The Death of Narcissus: On Musical Subjectivity
On the first page of the preface to Michael Steinberg’s excellent book, Listening to Reason: Culture, Subjectivity, and Nineteenth-Century Music, the author states that the book’s origin can be
........ii Acknowledgements ........iii Table of
On Beginning The Treatment: Lacanian Perspectives
The authors examine the opening stages of the psychoanalytic process from a Lacanian perspective through the concept of logical time. We outline three key moments in Lacan’s theory that elucidate the
Logo/Local Intensities: Lacan, the Discourse of the Other, and the Solicitation to “Enjoy”
ABSTRACT This article explores psychoanalysis' encounter with typographic modernity in the form of a neon sign. The article takes French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan's seemingly inconsequential
What Is the Lacanian Field? A Review Essay of Two Volumes by Bruce Fink
Bruce Fink is a psychoanalyst based in Pittsburgh; he teaches in the Department of Psychology at Duquesne University. Fink has attained world-wide recognition for his translations, case studies, co...


A critical dictionary of psychoanalysis
The aim of this reference work is both to provide a definition of the technical terms used in psychoanalysis, and to emphasize the philosophical, theoretical and semantic issues raised by particular
The Language of the Self: The Function of Language in Psychoanalysis
This book is based on a translation of Lacan's 1953 article that became a manifesto for a generations interested in a new reading of Freud. Lacan offers a significant and fertile return to the heart
Between Philosophy and Psychoanalysis: Lacan's Reconstruction of Freud
Introduction From Freud's Project to Lacan's Logic. Part 1 The Existence of the Real: The Dream and the Psychotic Subject Sexuality and the Unconscious. Part 2 The Phenomenology of the Imaginary:
Lacan for beginners
This volume discusses the ideas of psychoanalytical theorist Jacques Lavan. The book guides the reader through Lacan's early study of paranoia to his subsequent analyitical innovations - his addition
Sexuality in the Field of Vision
A brilliantly original exploration of the interface between feminism, psychoanalysis, semiotics and film theory.
The Works of Jacques Lacan: An Introduction
This is the only comprehensive introduction to the works of the French psychoanalyst and thinker Jacques Lacan. It provides a clear account of his complex and stimulating thought, explaining its
A Dictionary Of Kleinian Thought
The ideas of Melanie Klein and the post-Kleinians have a growing influence among psychoanalysts yet they are not always easy to grasp. Hinshelwood offers the first comprehensive and wholly accessible
Psychoanalytic criticism: Theory in practice
What is psychoanalytic criticism? How do psychoanalytic critics vary in the ways they relate theory to practice? This book examines the relationship of psychoanalytic theory to the theories of
Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture
Slavoj ?i?ek, a leading intellectual in the new social movements that are sweeping Eastern Europe, provides a virtuoso reading of Jacques Lacan. ?i?ek inverts current pedagogical strategies to
The Woman in Question
Selected articles from the feminist journal m/f, which was independently published 1978-1986