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An introduction to the Species Plantarum and cognate botanical works of Carl Linnaeus

  title={An introduction to the Species Plantarum and cognate botanical works of Carl Linnaeus},
  author={Carl Linnaeus and William Thomas Stearn},
Les relations phylogénétiques au sein d'un système réticulé : cas particulier de Cytisus scoparius L. (Genisteae, Fabaceae) et des espèces, hybrides et cultivars apparentés.
L'ajout d'hybrides entre taxons eloignes peut provoquer des effondrements de clades ainsi that des changements de topologie.
Typification of plant names in Thymelaeaceae published by Linnaeus and Linnaeus filius
Twenty four lectotypes, and three neotypes are designated for 27 plant names belonging to the family Thymelaeaceae and published by Linnaeus andLinnaeus filius and first published by J. R. & G. Forster.
The application of the name Xylaria hypoxylon, based on Clavaria hypoxylon of Linnaeus*
The complexity of the group as revealed by molecular systematic work, and the poor state of the Fries material, is stressed, as those that are asexual can be difficult to identify conclusively.
Nomenclature of Gentianopsis Crinita (Gentianaceae)
The name Gentiana crinita Froel. and its homotypic synonyms are neotypified by a specimen of the greater or wide-leaved fringed gentian of eastern North America, consistent with the long-established
Lectotypification of Papaver Cambricum L. (Papaveraceae)
The typification of the name Papaver cambricum L. (Papaveraceae) is discussed and this species was previously accepted in the genus Meconopsis Vig.
Taxonomic notes on the New Zealand flora: selection of a lectotype for Acrostichum barbarum L. (Osmundaceae)
A lectotype is chosen for Acrostichum barbarum L. from amongst extant Linnaean material to clarify the taxonomic and nomenclatural status of New Zealand plants for the plant names database (Ngā Tipu Aotearoa) and the electronic Flora ofNew Zealand.
Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Pistacia L. (Anacardiaceae)
Pistacia is an economically important genus because it contains the pistachio crop, P. vera, which has edible seeds of considerable commercial importance whose value has increased over the last two
Lectotypification of Campanula saxatilis, Phyteuma pinnatum and Verbascum arcturus, Linnaean names of three taxa endemic to Crete
Three Linnaean plant names are lectotypified: Campanula saxatilis, Phyteuma pinnatum and Verbascum arcturus (Scrophulariaceae), which are endemic to the S Aegean island of Crete and the islands of Kithira and Antikithira to the northwest.
New lectotypification of the Linnaean name Buchnera asiatica (Orobanchaceae)
  • R. Singh
  • Biology, Geology
    Kew Bulletin
  • 2020
The typification of the Linnaean name Buchnera asiatica is discussed and a specimen from theLinnaean Herbarium at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm (S-LINN) is used.