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An introduction to complex analysis in several variables

  title={An introduction to complex analysis in several variables},
  author={Lars H{\"o}rmander},
I. Analytic Functions of One Complex Variable. II. Elementary Properties of Functions of Several Complex Variables. III. Applications to Commutative Banach Algebras. IV. L2 Estimates and Existence Theorems for the Operator. V. Stein Manifolds. VI. Local Properties of Analytic Functions. VII. Coherent Analytic Sheaves on Stein Manifolds. Bibliography. Index. 
Functions of Several Complex Variables
In this chapter, we shall define holomorphic functions of several complex variables. The essentially local theory given in Chapter 1, §§3, 4 extends to these functions with little effort. We shall
We consider universal holomorphic functions in several variables. Entire functions satisfying that their compositions with translations Me dense are called universal. Using the original constructive
An Introduction to Analysis on Complex Manifolds
We give an account of some of the analysis on complex manifolds leading in particular to Dolbeault cohomology and the Hodge decomposition Theorem. On the way we introduce some basic notions such as
Special functions and relations within complex clifford analysis I
We introduce a generalized Cauchy integral formula for special classes of functions, holomorphic in several complex variables. These functions also satisfy a generalized Cachy-Riemann equation. The
Spectral Decompositions in Spaces of Analytic Functionals
This article deals with spaces of entire vector-valued functions determined by families of radial majorants, and their dual spaces of analytic functionals. Spectral properties of generalized boundary
Harmonic Analysis Techniques in Several Complex Variables
We give a survey of recent joint work with E. M. Stein (Princeton University) concerning the application of suitable versions of the T(1)-theorem technique to the study of orthogonal projections onto
Notes on algebras and vector spaces of functions
These informal notes are concerned with spaces of functions in various situations, including continuous functions on topological spaces, holomorphic functions of one or more complex variables, and so
The principal axis theorem for holomorphic functions
An algebraic approach to Rellich’s theorem is given which states that any analytic family of matrices which is normal on the real axis can be diagonalized by an analytic family of matrices which is