An introduction to Mormonism

  title={An introduction to Mormonism},
  author={Douglas J. Davies},
Introduction 1. The birth and growth of Mormonism 2. Prophets and texts 3. Divine-human transformations 4. Death, faith and eternity 5. Organization and leaders 6. Ethics, atonement and agency 7. Priesthood, stake and family 8. Temples and ritual 9. Identity, opposition and expansion Bibliography. 
Converting to ‘Mormonisms’ in France: A Conversion Both Religious and Cultural?
In 1830, the Church of Christ was organised in New York under the leadership of Joseph Smith (1805–44) as a reaction1 to American religious pluralism (Hill, 1989) and as a return to primitive
The conflict resolution and collective decision-making models of Mary Parker Follett and Joseph Smith are reviewed, with a primary focus on the foundational principle inherent in both models:
Education in Mormon Church, In this article it has been dealt with some information about history of Mormonism, Joseph Smith the leader of Mormonism, and Mormon Church, and basic doctrins of Mormon,
The Performance of Normativity: Mormons and the Construction of an American Masculinity
In this essay I argue that men in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) have consciously adopted the ideal American masculine performance. I define this ideal through R. W. B.
A Comparative Exercise in Mormon Theology
A COMPARATIVE EXERCISE IN MORMON THEOLOGY Walter E. A. van Beek Review of Douglas J. Davies. An Introduction to Mormonism. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003. vi + 277 pp., with index.
Mormonism as an Ecclesiology and System of Relatedness
Gods and Friends: C. S. Lewis on Divinization
“When asked to identify who is talking about deification in Western theological circles, my initial response is „Who isn‟t?‟ It seems that almost every Protestant and Catholic theologian writing
Religion and State in Marriage, Cohabitation and Civil Partnership: Examples, Typologies and Contestations from the United Kingdom
I explore several case studies on the relationship between the state, marriage, cohabitation and civil partnership as points of intersection between religious tradition, personal belief and
Vampires, Desire, Girls and God: Twilight and the Spiritualities of Adolescent Girls
Fantasy fiction long has been read for its capacity to narrate religious meanings and themes for young readers. Since its publication in 2005, Stephenie Meyer’s young adult series Twilight, in which
Emotions in Mormon canonical texts
In this study Mormon theology has been brought to interact with the socio-scientific study of emotion. The expressed purpose of this dialogue has been to construct an introductory Latter-day Saint


The meanings of death
PART I Introduction 1. Death and the origins of religion PART II Religions and the origin of death 2. Judaism 3. Christianity 4. Islam 5. Hinduism 6. Buddhism PART III Conclusion 7. Conclusion
The Rise of a New World Faith
This essay suggests the unique opportunity the Mormons present to sociologists of religion: a chance to watch an extraordinarily rare event, the rise of a new world faith. Patterns of Mormon growth
The crucified God : the cross of Christ as the foundation and criticism of Christian theology
one, which attests the dream of the other life through a 'great refusal'. The Christian scandal of the qualitative difference lies in the cross of the Christ whom God has raised. Let us therefore ask
Magic, science and religion : and other essays
The author takes into account the various views of religion which Tylor, Frazer, Marett, and Durkheim have given and goes on from there to provide his own conception that religion and magic are ways
The Viper on the Hearth: Mormons, Myths, and the Construction of Heresy
Introduction Part I: Mormonism, Politics, and History 1. "Out of the Sphere of Religion": The Sacred, the Profane, and the Mormons 2. "This Upstart Sect": The Mormon Problem in American History 3.
The ritualization of Mormon history, and other essays
How did the Latter-day Saints of the nineteenth century defend their unpopular plural marriage system? What kind of poetry was written on the Mormon frontier, and what social function did it perform?
The Refiner's Fire: The Making of Mormon Cosmology, 1644-1844.
List of illustrations List of maps Preface Part I. A Prepared People: 1. Dreams of the primal Adam 2. The true spiritual seed 3. Something of our ancestors Part II. Hermetic Purity and Hermetic
Must God Be Incorporeal
Natural theologians have argued that God (logically) must be incorporeal, without body or parts. This conclusion apparently contradicts the common Christian beliefs that God (the Son) was incarnate
The Promise of Narrative Theology
'Narrative' or 'story' theology has attracted increasing interest in recent years. This approach recognizes that Christian faith is rooted in particular historical events which are recounted in the
The Epistle to the Hebrews
This statement reflects the underlying purpose of The New International Commentary on the New Testament. Begun in the late 1940s by an international team of New Testament scholars, the NICNT series