An intrinsic B cell defect is required for the production of autoantibodies in the lpr model of murine systemic autoimmunity.

  title={An intrinsic B cell defect is required for the production of autoantibodies in the lpr model of murine systemic autoimmunity.},
  author={Eric S. Sobel and Takuya Katagiri and Katsumi Katagiri and Suzanne C. Morris and Philip L. Cohen and Robert A. Eisenberg},
  journal={The Journal of experimental medicine},
  volume={173 6},
Mice homozygous for the gene lpr develop marked lymphadenopathy and a spectrum of autoantibodies closely resembling that of human systemic lupus erythematosus. The unusual T cell phenotype of the expanded lymphocyte population and the T-dependence of several antibodies in this strain have suggested that primary T cell abnormalities underlie the autoimmune syndrome. Using double chimeras, we now show that expression of the lpr gene in B cells is absolutely necessary for autoantibody production… CONTINUE READING


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