An intravaginal ring for the simultaneous delivery of multiple drugs.

  title={An intravaginal ring for the simultaneous delivery of multiple drugs.},
  author={Marc M Baum and Irina Butkyavichene and Joshua P Gilman and Sean C. Kennedy and Etana Kopin and Amanda M D Malone and Cali Nguyen and Thomas James Smith and David R. Friend and Meredith Clark and John A Moss},
  journal={Journal of pharmaceutical sciences},
  volume={101 8},
Intravaginal delivery of microbicide combinations is a promising approach for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, but requires a method of providing simultaneous, independent release of multiple agents into the vaginal compartment. A novel intravaginal ring (IVR) platform has been developed for simultaneous delivery of the reverse-transcriptase inhibitor tenofovir (TFV) and the guanosine analogue antiviral acyclovir (ACV) with independent control of release rate for each drug… CONTINUE READING
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