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An interview with Dr

  title={An interview with Dr},
  author={William A. Blattner and Victoria A. Harden and Dennis Rodrigues},
Azza : Dr. Diamandis could you explain as to what is the purpose of this interview? Dr. Diamandis : The objective of this interview is to give an idea to prospective graduate students as to what the ACDC Laboratory is, and why this laboratory could be a good home for performing their graduate studies. Azza : Dr. Diamandis Could you tell us a little bit of the history of the ACDC Lab? Dr. Diamandis : The ACDC Lab was established at the Toronto Western Hospital in 1988. Then, it was a small… 


I 1990, when I began to write the first edition of my book, Understanding Those Who Create, I began it with this vignette: It was a convention for teachers of the talented. Katherine Miller had just

Practices in Identification of Twice-Exceptional Students in the State of Mississippi.

Results of the project indicate that Mississippi's polices pertaining to gifted education are not restrictive and local districts have the authority to make many decisions concerning the referral to placement process for students within their schools.

On Caring in Psychiatry

As Will works his way through his ideas about the nature of caring, let alone love, in the psychotherapeutic relationship, the basic underlying idea is that caring means seeing the patient as a whole, real person, with all the complexity that entails; and not romanticizing the patient, the therapist or the therapeutic relationship.

Addressing diversity: A case study of teacher educators' views and instructional practices at a Midwestern university

It is well documented that while the student population is becoming more and more diverse, the teacher population remains mostly white, female, monolingual, and monocultural (Banks, 2001a;

John Bowlby and ethology: a study of cross-fertilisation

This dissertation project dealt with a detailed analysis of John Bowlby’s use of the emerging science of ethology – the observation of animal behavior in a natural setting. First, an account was

Attachment and abandonment : a study of factors contributing to, or hindering, the development of trust and functional family behaviour

This research examines the lives of individual children and adults of diverse ages and ethnicities, who suffer common and uncommon abandonment. The study employs a naturalistic “inquiry from the

The Alteration of Rhetoric by Politicians Throughout Different Media During a Campaign

The current study asks the question of, “how does a politician alter their rhetoric when communicating to their audience throughout different media?” There are two parts to this issue that must be

Rethinking Carper's personal knowing for 21st century nursing

  • S. Thorne
  • Philosophy
    Nursing philosophy : an international journal for healthcare professionals
  • 2020
The author reflects on the confusion that a continued uncritical deference to personal knowing may be creating and the evolving interests it seems to serve.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Environmental Justice in Higher Education

Research suggests that issues of environmental justice are not being routinely included in the curriculum of the K-12 classroom and that teachers in those grades do not feel prepared to teach it.

A Critical Evaluation of Dyslexia Information on the Internet

The internet is a common source of information for parents, educators, and the general public. However, researchers who analyze the quality of internet sources have found they often contain


Adaptive pressure support servo-ventilation: a novel treatment for Cheyne-Stokes respiration in heart failure.

One night ASV suppresses central sleep apnea and/or CSR (CSA/CSR) in heart failure and improves sleep quality better than CPAP or 2 L/min oxygen.