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An interior spherical static solution of Einstein-Maxwell equations

  title={An interior spherical static solution of Einstein-Maxwell equations},
  author={Alexandre M.Baranov},
The Reissner-Nordström solution is well-known as an exterior solution of the Einstein-Maxwell equations with an electric charge [1]. Therefore it would be naturally to find an interior solution of a charged substance as an analog of Schwarzschild’s interior solution [2]. Brahmachary [3, 4] obtained an interior solution as a combination of both solutions for a charged core without the substance and an uncharged spherical distribution of the matter around the core. Such description is not… 



Classification of electromagnetic fields in general relativity and its physical applications

The simplest electromagnetic fields' (general- as well as special-relativistic) classification is formulated which is based on physically motivated ideas. According to this classification these

Abstracts of 5th International conference of Gravitation and Theory relativity, Tbilisi

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The Einstein Collection

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