An interdisciplinary approach to introducing professionalism.


OBJECTIVE To provide interdisciplinary structured activities in academic and clinical settings for introducing the concept of professionalism to health professions students. DESIGN Undergraduate and graduate students from 8 health care disciplines including pharmacy, nursing, communication sciences and disorders, dietetics and nutrition science, genetic counseling, advanced medical imaging, medical technology, and physical therapy participated in an orientation program focusing on interdisciplinary health care and professionalism, as well as a field experience. ASSESSMENT Survey results from both components (orientation, n = 284; field experience, n = 123) indicated that the project was valuable in increasing students' awareness of (1) the importance of professionalism in the clinical setting and (2) the potential contributions of their profession to the health care team. CONCLUSION Health professions curricula should include interdisciplinary learning opportunities that enhance collaboration, collegiality, and professionalism among future members of the health care team.

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