An integrated multi-scroll circuit with floating-gate MOSFETs

  title={An integrated multi-scroll circuit with floating-gate MOSFETs},
  author={Tetsuya Fujiwara and Yoshihiko Horio and Kazuyuki Aihara},
This paper proposes a multi-scroll circuit that is fast, compact, versatile, and suitable for CMOS implementation. The circuit uses a high-Q CMOS active inductor circuit as a simulated inductor. We use parallel combinations of to create high-order piecewisolinear negative conductances. We integrate the proposed circuit with MOSIS TSMC 0.35 pm CMOS process. HSPICE simulation results and experimental results from the prototype chip are shown. (4 (b) ____ N-type conductance ci cuits with flo ting… CONTINUE READING


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