An integrated genetic linkage map of the laboratory rat

  title={An integrated genetic linkage map of the laboratory rat},
  author={Donna M. Brown and Tara Cox Matise and George Koike and Jason S. Simon and E. Samuel Winer and Sarah Weksler Zangen and Michael G. McLaughlin and Masahide Shiozawa and O. Scott Atkinson and Jr. James R. Hudson and Aravinda Chakravarti and Eric S. Lander and Howard J. Jacob},
  journal={Mammalian Genome},
The laboratory rat, Rattus novegicus, is a major model system for physiological and pathophysiological studies, and since 1966 more than 422,000 publications describe biological studies on the rat (NCBI/Medline). The rat is becoming an increasingly important genetic model for the study of specific diseases, as well as retaining its role as a major preclinical model system for pharmaceutical development. The initial genetic linkage map of the rat contained 432 genetic markers (Jacob et al. 1995… CONTINUE READING