An integrated active-quenching circuit for single-photon avalanche diodes

  title={An integrated active-quenching circuit for single-photon avalanche diodes},
  author={Franco Zappa and Massimo Ghioni and Sergio Cova and Carlo Samori and Andrea Carlo Giudice},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement},
We introduce the first integrated active quenching circuit (I-AQC) that drives an avalanche photodiode (APD) above its breakdown voltage, in order to detect single photons. Based on the I-AQC, we developed a compact and versatile photon-counting module suitable for applications in which very weak optical signals have to be detected, as for instance, photon correlation spectroscopy, luminescence measurements, and laser ranging. The prototype photon-counting module features quenching pulses up to… CONTINUE READING
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