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An insight into efforts to establish computerization and e-services for public health in Croatia

  title={An insight into efforts to establish computerization and e-services for public health in Croatia},
  author={Damir Kalpi{\'c} and Vedran Mornar and Mario Kova{\vc} and Kresimir Fertalj and Mladen Kos},
A comprehensive project of public health care computerization and introduction of e-services is under way in Croatia. The paper presents a case study describing some recent health-related computerization efforts and a current project concept encompassing the primary health care, central server of public health for the whole country and computerization of hospitals. For the primary health care five systems, distributed regionally, have been selected after a public bidding and evaluation on pilot… 
An Insight into E-Business Developments in Croatia
Smart identity cards containing personal identification numbers and electronically supported administrative activities towards the Government are prerequisites for full spreading of e-Business.
Quality assessment model of software for managing family medicine practice — Methodology and basic results
The initial quality assessment model consisting of six basic categories and the questionnaire by which the Croatian family physicians evaluated the quality of the functionalities applied in their software support were made and the resulting novel model is multiple validated, comprehensive and universal.
Development of the quality assessment model of EHR software in family medicine practices: research based on user satisfaction
A novel and comprehensive model for functional evaluation of the EHR software in FMPs, based on current world standards, models and projects, as well as on actual user satisfaction and requirements is developed, which could be used to assess the user-perceived quality of almost all forms of the ambulatory EHRSoftware.