An initial evaluation of the Convex SPP-1000 for earth and space science applications

  title={An initial evaluation of the Convex SPP-1000 for earth and space science applications},
  author={Thomas L. Sterling and Daniel Savarese and Phillip Merkey and Jeffrey P. Gardner},
  journal={Proceedings of 1995 1st IEEE Symposium on High Performance Computer Architecture},
The Convex SPP-1000, the most recent SPC, is distinguished by a true global shared memory capability based on the first commercial version of directory based cache coherence mechanisms and SCI protocol. The system was evaluated at NASA/GSFC in the Beta-test environment using three classes of operational experiments targeting earth and space science applications. A multiple program workload tested job-stream level parallelism. Synthetic programs measured overhead costs of barrier, fork-join, and… CONTINUE READING

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