An infrared and Raman study of carbonate glasses : Implications for the structure of carbonatite magmas

  title={An infrared and Raman study of carbonate glasses : Implications for the structure of carbonatite magmas},
  author={Matthew J Genge and Adri{\'a}n and Geoffrey D. Price},
Carbonatite magmas have been suggested as important agents of mantle metasomatism and yet, the structures of this important class of melt, which would be expected to control physical and chemical behaviour, have only been poorly constrained. The infrared and Raman spectra of carbonate glasses quenched from the systems La(OH),-Ca(OH),-CaC03-CaF,-BaS04 and MgC03-K2C03 at 1 kbar place constraints on the structures of these glasses and natural carbonatite magmas. The activity of the fundamental… CONTINUE READING


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