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An infinite-dimensional representation of the Ray-Knight theorems

  title={An infinite-dimensional representation of the Ray-Knight theorems},
  author={Elie Aid'ekon and Yueyun Hu and Zhan Shi},
  journal={arXiv: Probability},
The classical Ray-Knight theorems for Brownian motion determine the law of its local time process either at the first hitting time of a given value a by the local time at the origin, or at the first hitting time of a given position b by Brownian motion. We extend these results by describing the local time process jointly for all a and all b, by means of stochastic integral with respect to an appropriate white noise. Our result applies to µ-processes, and has an immediate application: a… 



An excursion approach to Ray-Knight theorems for perturbed Brownian motion

Self-avoiding random walk: A Brownian motion model with local time drift

SummaryA natural model for a ‘self-avoiding’ Brownian motion inRd, when specialised and simplified tod=1, becomes the stochastic differential equation $$X_t = B_t - \int\limits_0^t g (X_s ,L(s,X_s

The genealogy of continuous-state branching processes with immigration

Abstract. Recent works by J.F. Le Gall and Y. Le Jan [15] have extended the genealogical structure of Galton-Watson processes to continuous-state branching processes (CB). We are here interested in

Stochastic equations, flows and measure-valued processes

We first prove some general results on pathwise uniqueness, comparison property and existence of nonnegative strong solutions of stochastic equations driven by white noises and Poisson random

Perturbed Brownian motions

Summary. We study `perturbed Brownian motions', that can be, loosely speaking, described as follows: they behave exactly as linear Brownian motion except when they hit their past maximum or/and

Stochastic flows associated to coalescent processes. III. Limit theorems

We prove several limit theorems that relate coalescent processes to continuous-state branching processes. Some of these theorems are stated in terms of the so-called generalized Fleming-Viot

Asymptotics for occupation times of half-lines by stable processes and perturbed reflecting brownian motion

We derive the integral tests for the sample path behaviour of the occupation times of half-lines by reflecting Brownian motion perturbed by its local time at zero (i.e. , where B; is a linear

Excursions and Local Time

For many processes each point in the state space is regular for itself, and so for each point x we have the notions of local time at x and of excursions away from x. Brownian motion in R and most one

Stochastic flows associated to coalescent processes

Abstract. We study a class of stochastic flows connected to the coalescent processes that have been studied recently by Möhle, Pitman, Sagitov and Schweinsberg in connection with asymptotic models

Some remarks on perturbed reflecting brownian motion

It has aroused some interest in the last few years (see Le Gall-Yor [7], Yor [13], chapters 8 and 9, Carmona-Petit-Yor [2], Perman [8]). We are going to make a few remarks concerning this process and