An in vivo method for testing putative GABA-like compounds.

  title={An in vivo method for testing putative GABA-like compounds.},
  author={Peter Slater and Lela A. Lee and D. A. Longman and Alan R. Crossman},
  journal={Journal of pharmacological methods},
  volume={3 1},
A technique is described that enables compounds with GABA-ergic properties to be rapidly identified in vivo. Electrical stimulation of the neostriatum in the conscious rat evoked a contralateral head-turn. Evidence is presented that this easily timed motor response involves, at least in part, GABA-ergic mechanisms in the globus pallidus. GABA drugs were injected through a cannula into the ipsilateral globus pallidus and their effects on head-turning observed. Known GABA agonists including… CONTINUE READING
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