An in vitro study of wheat bran binding capacity for Hg, Cd, and Pb.

  title={An in vitro study of wheat bran binding capacity for Hg, Cd, and Pb.},
  author={Shiyi Ou and Kun Gao and Y Li},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={47 11},
Water-soluble dietary fiber (WSDF), water-insoluble dietary fiber (WIDF) from wheat bran, and the carboxymethylated product of WIDF (CIDF), all having low contents of protein, ash, and phytic acid, were evaluated for their scavenging capacity for three heavy metals, Hg, Cd, and Pb. The results showed that WIDF had higher BC(max) (maximum amount of bound heavy metal ions) and BC(min) values (minimum concentration of heavy metal ions below which the ions cannot be bound by dietary fibers) than… CONTINUE READING
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