An in vitro study of the effect of photodynamic therapy on human meningiomas.


Despite being benign CNS tumours, meningiomas are not always curable and the likelihood of recurrence depends upon the completeness of initial removal. Adjuvant therapy for incompletely resected meningiomas is generally unsatisfactory and such lesions continue to pose difficult management problems. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been employed in the management of recurrent cerebral gliomas but its activity against meningiomas has not been specifically studied. An in vitro study of the effects of PDT against a variety of meningiomas was therefore conducted. It was found that PDT using haematoporphyrin derivative as a photosensitizing drug showed dose-dependent activity against a variety of histological subtypes of meningioma. The activity of PDT against meningiomas should be investigated further and may eventually provide a useful form of adjuvant therapy for incompletely resected lesions.


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