An in vitro characterization of cefditoren, a new oral cephalosporin.

  title={An in vitro characterization of cefditoren, a new oral cephalosporin.},
  author={David Felmingham and Marion Robbins and Gourisankar Ghosh and Hardeep S Bhogal and Michael D. Mehta and Andrew D B Leakey and Sian Clark and Christine Dencer and Geoff L Ridgway and Reuben N. Gr{\"u}neberg},
  journal={Drugs under experimental and clinical research},
  volume={20 4},
Cefditoren (ME 1206) is a new cephalosporin available for oral administration as the pivaloyloxymethyl ester (ME 1207). The effect of medium formulation. pH, cation concentration and inoculum on the in vitro activity of cefditoren was investigated prior to determining its comparative antibacterial potency against a wide range of clinical bacterial isolates, its bactericidal activity against susceptible strains and the duration of its post-antibiotic effect (PAE). Cefditoren was shown to possess… CONTINUE READING

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