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An in-place, subquadratic algorithm for permutation inversion

  title={An in-place, subquadratic algorithm for permutation inversion},
  author={Grzegorz Guspiel},
We assume the permutation $\pi$ is given by an $n$-element array in which the $i$-th element denotes the value $\pi(i)$. Constructing its inverse in-place (i.e. using $O(\log{n})$ bits of additional memory) can be achieved in linear time with a simple algorithm. Limiting the numbers that can be stored in our array to the range $[1...n]$ still allows a straightforward $O(n^2)$ time solution. The time complexity can be improved using randomization, but this only improves the expected, not the… Expand
Strictly In-Place Algorithms for Permuting and Inverting Permutations
A strictly in-place algorithm for inverting a given permutation on n elements working in the same complexity is obtained, a significant improvement on a recent result of Guśpiel [arXiv 2019], who designed an O(n)-time algorithm. Expand


Permuting in Place
The goal is to perform the permutation quickly using only a polylogarithmic number of bits of extra storage, and the main result is an algorithm whose worst case running time is $O(n \log n)$ and that uses additional $\log n-bit words of memory. Expand
Inverting Permutations In Place
In this thesis, we address the problem of quickly inverting the standard representation of a permutation on n elements in place. First, we present a naive algorithm to do it using O(log n) extra bitsExpand
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