An improved water use efficiency of cereals under temporal and spatial deficit irrigation in north China

  title={An improved water use efficiency of cereals under temporal and spatial deficit irrigation in north China},
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Deficit irrigation scheduling of maize in the semi-arid area of northeast China
Regulated deficit irrigation (RDI) is one irrigation strategy that can conserve irrigation water and maintain yield. In this paper, we describe an investigation of the timing and efficacy of RDI in
Maize Yield and Water Use Efficiency Under Different Irrigation Levels and Furrow Irrigation Methods in Semiarid, Tropical Region
Water scarcity is the major limiting factor of agricultural production and productivity in the central rift valley of Ethiopia. Best use of limited water is necessary through water conservation
Assessment of actual evapotranspiration and yield of wheat under different irrigation regimes with potassium application.
© 2015, Soil Science Society of Pakistan. Water shortage at precarious growth stages diminishes the wheat production, however regulated deficit irrigation and potassium fertilization ameliorate its
Deficit irrigation and planting patterns strategies to improve maize yield and water productivity at different plant densities in semi-arid regions
It is demonstrated that applying deficit irrigation at the flowering stage of maize grown at medium density under the RFRH system (MIF) can improve soil water storage at the bell, filling and flowering stages and has positive effects on dry matter, leaf area, and evapotranspiration.


An improved water-use efficiency for maize grown under regulated deficit irrigation.
Optimizing irrigation scheduling for winter wheat in the North China Plain
Improving Agricultural Water Use Efficiency in Arid and Semi-arid Areas of China
Water Use, Growth, and Fruit Yield of `Hosui' Asian Pears under Deficit Irrigation
Five-year old 'Hosui' Asian pear ( Pyrus serotina Rehder) trees growing in drainage lysimeters and trained onto a Tatura trellis were subjected to three different irrigation regimes. Weekly water use