An improved technique for the germination of strawberry seeds

  title={An improved technique for the germination of strawberry seeds},
  author={D. Wilson and Anne L. Goodall and Jane Reeves},
SummaryHigh levels of germination have been achieved by sowing strawberry seeds on the surface of a peatbased compost and then placing the boxes in a mist-propagation unit. With this technique time-consuming pre-chilling treatments can be avoided without loss of germination. The few cultivars that do not respond adequately to these conditions can be further stimulated by pre-soaking the seed in 5000 ppm CEPA (‘Ethrel’) for 24 hours. 

Accelerating and synchronizing germination of strawberry seeds by osmotic pre-treatments

Pre-soaking strawberry seed in osmotic solutions accelerated and partially synchronized their germination, and the resulting synchronization of germination could allow seedlings to be selected for rate of growth by directly comparing seedling in bulk sowings.

Various aspects of essential oils application for pathogens controlling in Strawberry in vitro culture

Development of procedures by using essential oils to establish free pathogens media could be as one of the best protocol for the plant micropropagation. Thus, for sterilization of strawberry tissue


The highest germination rates and the shortest germination duration in the just after removing the achenes from the flesh was obtained sulphuric acid pretreatment and after keeping the achens in cut the top after cold storage 50C during 4 weeks was obtained cutting the top of achene.

Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation - Part 4: Effect of PEMF on seed germination; evidence of triphasic inverse hormesis

Our objectives were to study the effects of PEMF on a non-animal living system with a simple and unambiguous biomarker: seed germination rate. We selected seeds representing three groups: high-

Effect of Ethylene Treatment on Germination of Tweezers Harvested Seeds of Two Strawberry Cultivars

イチゴ品種‘さちのか’と‘アスカルビー’のピンセットで採取した種子の発芽に及ぼすエチレン処理の影響について検討した.両品種ともに,100~1,000 ppmのエセフォン処理を行った種子は,0 ppm処理に比べて発芽率が高まったが,ほとんど全てのもので異常な幼根の生長が認められた.また,‘アスカルビー’では,1,000 ppm



The use of chilling and chemical treatments to promote rapid germination of strawberry achenes

After chilling treatments the achenes eventually became largely independent of light for germination, but longer chilling periods were required for equivalent performance of dark-grown, compared to light- grown, achene.

Accelerated flowering of strawberry seedlings

The life-cycle of strawberry plants can be shortened from 18–24 months to 8–9 months, through a combination of sulfuric acid treatment of the seed and a short-day treatment ofThe seedlings as soon as the latter have become sensitive.

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