An improved synthesis of 10,11-didehydro Cinchona alkaloids.


A revised procedure for the conversion of the four major Cinchona alkaloids (quinine, quinidine, cinchonidine, and cinchonine) into their respective 10,11-didehydro derivatives is described. The reported protocol offers several advantages over a recently published synthetic route. These include (i) enhanced robustness (ii) ready scalability (iii) reduced operational complexity and number of steps (iv) chromatography-free work-up. In addition, toxic solvents were replaced by environmentally less problematic alternatives.

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@article{Kacprzak2008AnIS, title={An improved synthesis of 10,11-didehydro Cinchona alkaloids.}, author={Karol M. Kacprzak and Wolfgang Lindner and Norbert M Maier}, journal={Chirality}, year={2008}, volume={20 3-4}, pages={441-5} }