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An improved quality control chart to monitor the mean based on ranked sets

  title={An improved quality control chart to monitor the mean based on ranked sets},
  author={G. P. Silva and C{\'e}sar Augusto Taconeli and Walmes Marques Zeviani and I. S. Guimaraes},
  journal={arXiv: Methodology},
In this study, we considered the design and performance of control charts using neoteric ranked set sampling (NRSS) in monitoring normal distributed processes. NRSS is a recently proposed sampling design, based on the traditional ranked set sampling (RSS). We evaluated NRSS control charts by average run length (ARL), based on Monte Carlo simulation results. NRSS control charts performed the best, compared to RSS and some of its extensions, in most simulated scenarios. The impact of imperfect… 

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ABSTRACT Neoteric ranked set sampling (NRSS) is a recently developed sampling plan, derived from the well-known ranked set sampling (RSS) scheme. It has already been proved that NRSS provides more

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Bu calismada, carpik-normal surec altinda surec degiskenligini izlemek icin uygulanan ortalama kartlari olusturmak icin Shewhart, agirlikli varyans ve duzeltilmis carpiklik yontemlerine dayanan



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