An improved position based power aware routing algorithm in mobile ad-hoc networks


In this paper we introduced an improved scheme based on a weighted metric of remaining battery power, speed and distance of nodes for determining routes in wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET). For the cases where significant difference in the velocities of the communicating nodes or the battery power of the intermediate nodes is low, traditional schemes fail to establish the communication among nodes with reliable QoS. We proposed a new algorithm that uses weighted combination of metrics of distance, velocity and battery power in selecting the route over earlier MFR (Most Forward within Radius) method. The proposed scheme encompasses the load balancing issues and eventually it increases the network lifetime and network performance. Simulation experiment showed that the proposed algorithm reduces the packet loss than that of existing MFR algorithm. Experimental results also revealed that besides packet loss, the proposed strategy achieves higher throughput (14.35%) rate than that of existing MFR. Furthermore, usages of these new metrics ensure the higher mean time to node failure.

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