An improved genetic algorithm and its application in neural network adversarial attack

  title={An improved genetic algorithm and its application in neural network adversarial attack},
  author={Dingming Yang and Zeyu Yu and Hong Yuan and Ya Ping Cui},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
The choice of crossover and mutation strategies plays a crucial role in the searchability, convergence efficiency and precision of genetic algorithms. In this paper, a novel improved genetic algorithm is proposed by improving the crossover and mutation operation of the simple genetic algorithm, and it is verified by 15 test functions. The qualitative results show that, compared with three other mainstream swarm intelligence optimization algorithms, the algorithm can not only improve the global… 


A new optimizer using particle swarm theory
  • R. Eberhart, J. Kennedy
  • Computer Science
    MHS'95. Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Micro Machine and Human Science
  • 1995
The optimization of nonlinear functions using particle swarm methodology is described. Implementations of two paradigms are discussed and compared, including a recently developed locally oriented
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