An improved digital quadrature frequency down-converter architecture

  title={An improved digital quadrature frequency down-converter architecture},
  author={Florean Curticapean and J. Niittylahti},
  journal={Conference Record of Thirty-Fifth Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers (Cat.No.01CH37256)},
  pages={1318-1321 vol.2}
This paper describes an improved digital quadrature frequency downconverter architecture. The presented architecture implements the quadrature frequency downconversion as two successive angle rotations. First, a coarse angle rotation is performed by using a modified, low-latency CORDIC algorithm. Then, a fine angle rotation based on a simple trigonometric approximation is realized. Compared with solutions based on the conventional CORDIC algorithm, our architecture offers reduced tuning latency… CONTINUE READING


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