An imported case of hepatic unilocular hydatid disease.

  title={An imported case of hepatic unilocular hydatid disease.},
  author={Jong Yil Chai and Min Seo and Kee Suck Suh and Soon Hyung Lee},
  journal={The Korean journal of parasitology},
  volume={33 2},
A 38-year old man visited a private clinic complaining of epigastric discomfort for 2 months. A huge hepatic cyst was found by sonography and computerized tomography. An exploratory laparotomy was performed under the impression of hydatid disease. The cyst was successfully removed. A lot of living protoscolices of Echinococcus granulosus were found from the cystic fluid under light microscopy. During the operation, however, the cyst was accidentally ruptured and the cystic fluid spilled out… CONTINUE READING