An images filtration using the Ateb-Gabor method


There is an image filtration using an Ateb-Gabor method realized. Filtration in the frequency area requires implementation of such changes sequence: discrete two-dimensional image transformation from spatial area to the frequency area. Filtration makes it possible to realize more combinations of filtering and conduct more qualitative transformation. Proposed method allows to expend a Gabor filter performance because it contains much more combinations. There was an Ateb-Gabor filtration provided to the one case of images and to the one periodic Ateb-function.

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@article{Nazarkevych2017AnIF, title={An images filtration using the Ateb-Gabor method}, author={Mariya Nazarkevych and Roman Oliarnyk and Sergiy Dmytruk}, journal={2017 12th International Scientific and Technical Conference on Computer Sciences and Information Technologies (CSIT)}, year={2017}, volume={1}, pages={208-211} }