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An illustrated guide to the freshwater fishes of the Sudan

  title={An illustrated guide to the freshwater fishes of the Sudan},
  author={Henry Sandon and J. M. Stubbs},
Coloured illustrations by Mrs. J.M. Stubbs. With 14 plates (9 in colour), 8vo., pp. 61, publisher's printed wrappers, author's presentation copy. 
Guide to the fishes of the River Nile in the Republic of the Sudan
Descriptions and keys for the identification of 115 species of fish recorded in the basin of the River Nile in the Republic of the Sudan are presented, together with notes on the distribution andExpand
On a new species of Proteocephalus from Brazil.
As the interesting and complex family the Proteocephalidae is represented by several forms not only from the Sudan but from various parts of the world, a brief summary of it is made below.
Freshwater Fishes from around Kosti White Nile, Sudan
A list of the freshwater fishes from around Kosti, White Nile Sudan is presented based on intermittent collection from 2002 to 2019. It included 64 species, falling into 37 genera and 20 families.Expand
Food and feeding habits of Labeo niloticus (Pisces, Cyprinidae) in Jebel Aulia Reservoir, Sudan
Basic knowledge on the feeding ecology of one of the common and commercially important fish species in Jebel Aulia Reservoir is provided.
Studies on the biology of genus synodontis at khartoum
The present investigation on the breeding times of some Nile fishes was carried out in order to give a more complete picture of reproduction and behaviour of Synodontis schall. Expand
Some aspects of the reproductive biology of Synodontis schall (Bloch-Schneider, 1801) from the White Nile near Khartoum
The biology of reproduction was investigated in 631 specimens of Synodontis schall taken from the White Nile near Khartoum. Morphological changes of the gonads were followed for twelve months and theExpand
The distribution of african freshwater fishes = Répartition des poissons d'eau douce africains
The distribution of fishes in the rivers;lakes and other waterbodies of Afiica has always been of great interest to naturalists, scientists, ichthyologists and others involved with the Afiican fauna.Expand
Review of the African catfish genus Andersonia (Teleostei: Siluriformes)
The genus Andersonia is retained as valid at this time, based on the lack of clear evidence of the phylogenetic position of A. leptura, but a broader sampling of taxa, especially among species currently placed in the genus Phractura, may require a change to that assignment. Expand
On the biology of female Epiplatys bifasciatus (Cyprinodontidae) from southern Sudan
The biology of female Epiplatys bifasciatus (Steindachner, 1881) from the ‘Sudd’ region of southern Sudan was investigated. The population was dominated by females whose growth in body dimensionsExpand
The seasonality of zooplanktivorous fish in an African reservoir (Gebel Aulia Reservoir, White Nile, Sudan)
The migratory behaviour during the reproductive period indicate that all three species are basically riverine, but with a high flexibility to cope with the seasonally varying features of larger rivers and their flood zones. Expand