An identity-authentication system using fingerprints

  title={An identity-authentication system using fingerprints},
  author={Anil K. Jain and Lin Hong and Sharath Pankanti and Rudolf Maarten Bolle},
  journal={Proc. IEEE},
Fingerprint verification is an important biometric technique for personal identification. We describe the design and implementation of a prototype automatic identity-authentication system that uses fingerprints to authenticate the identity of an individual. We have developed an improved minutiae-extraction algorithm that is faster and more accurate than our earlier algorithm (1995). An alignment-based minutiae-matching algorithm has been proposed. This algorithm is capable of finding the… 

Access Control System using fingerprint recognition

The objective is to design a fingerprint-based biometric system which is capable of achieving a fully automatic "positive personal identification" with a high level of confidence and an alignment-based minutiae-matching algorithm has been proposed.

Fingerprint classification and matching using a filterbank

A novel filterbank-based representation of fingerprints is presented and a decision level information fusion framework is developed which improves the fingerprint verification accuracy when multiple matchers, multiple fingers of the user, or multiple impressions of the same finger are combined.

Implementation of an automatic fingerprint identification system

This paper implements an AFIS with the use of fingerprint classification and a minutiae pattern matching and achieves 88% recognition rate.

Information fusion in fingerprint authentication

An information fusion approach is adopted to address some of the limitations of existing fingerprint matching systems, and a hybrid fingerprint system that utilizes both minutiae points and ridge feature maps to represent and match fingerprint images has been developed.

Fingerprint based authentication system using threshold visual cryptographic technique

  • R. MukeshV. Subashini
  • Computer Science
    IEEE-International Conference On Advances In Engineering, Science And Management (ICAESM -2012)
  • 2012
This work proposes a new approach to biometric authentication that solves two major problems related to fingerprint based automatic access control systems such as falsification and costly maintenance of the large fingerprint database.

Fingerprint recognition system using multiple representations

This research work is focused at considering fingerprint recognition system using multiple representations, and minutiae and texture based fingerprint representations are considered, found to be more robust than the single mode representation in terms of accuracy and speed.

The Optimization of Fingerprint Parameters with Genetic Algorithms

The objective is to design a fingerprint-based biometric system which is capable of achieving a fully automatic “positive personal identification” with a high level of confidence.

An AFIS Using Fingerprint Classification

This paper implements an automatic fingerprint identification system (AFIS) with the use of fingerprint classification and minutiae pattern matching with an 80% recognition rate.

New approach to automated fingerprint matching

The design of am minutiae-based fingerprint verification system including image preprocessing, feature extraction and fingerprint matching is described and it is revealed that the proposed system can achieve a good verification accuracy on this database.

Fingerprint verification based on minutiae features: a review

The main objective of this paper is to review the extensive research that has been done on automated fingerprint matching over the last four decades, in particular, the focus is on minutiae-based algorithms.



On-line fingerprint verification

An improved minutia extraction algorithm that is much faster and more accurate than an earlier algorithm has been implemented and an alignment-based elastic matching algorithms has been developed for minutian matching.

Laboratory evaluation of the IriScan prototype biometric identifier

The main goal of the evaluation was to determine whether the system has potential as an access control device within the Department of Energy (DOE) and an estimate of the accuracy of the system in terms of false accept and false reject rates.

Fingerprint enhancement

A new fingerprint enhancement algorithm is introduced which decomposes the input fingerprint image into a set of filtered images and improves the performance of the online fingerprint verification system and makes it more robust with respect to the quality of input fingerprint images.

Automated fingerprint recognition using structural matching

Human Identification in Information Systems

Proposes that much greater use be made of schemes which are designed to afford people anonymity, or which enable them to use multiple identities or pseudonyms, while at the same time protecting the organization′s own interest.

A Real-Time Matching System for Large Fingerprint Databases

The approach integrates a number of domain-specific high-level features such as pattern class and ridge density at higher levels of the search and incorporates elastic structural feature-based matching for indexing the database at the lowest level.

Adaptive flow orientation-based feature extraction in fingerprint images

Fingerprint identification using graph matching

Fingerprint recognition in low quality images

Vital signs of identity [biometrics]

The range of biometric systems in development or on the market including: handwriting; fingerprints; iris patterns; human faces; and speech are described.