An fMRI study of the social competition in healthy subjects.

  title={An fMRI study of the social competition in healthy subjects.},
  author={Mircea Polosan and M Baciu and {\'E}milie Cousin and Marcelo Perrone and C Pichat and Thierry Bougerol},
  journal={Brain and cognition},
  volume={77 3},
Social interaction requires the ability to infer another person's mental state (Theory of Mind, ToM) and also executive functions. This fMRI study aimed to identify the cerebral correlates activated by ToM during a specific social interaction, the human-human competition. In this framework, we tested a conflict resolution task (Stroop) adapted to a virtual situation of competition. The participants were instructed to play in order to win either against a human-like competitor (human-human… CONTINUE READING
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