An exploratory study of manganese exposure to welders.

  title={An exploratory study of manganese exposure to welders.},
  author={Satya V. Chandra and Girja S. Shukla and R. S. Srivastava and Harmeet Singh and Vijay P. Gupta},
  journal={Clinical toxicology},
  volume={18 4},
Sixty welders (20 each from Plants A, B, and C) and 20 control subjects were investigated for the possible occurrence of manganese poisoning among welders exposed to the welding fumes containing this metal. Ten, 9, and 5 welders from Plants B, C, and A, respectively, were diagnosed as suspected cases of early manganese poisoning. The diagnosis was based on the proof of overexposure to manganese by the findings of increased urinary levels of this metal, signs of early neurological involvement… CONTINUE READING

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Health effects of manganese exposures for welders in Qingdao City, China.

International journal of occupational medicine and environmental health • 2017

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