An exploration of the military defense system of the Ming Great Wall in Qinghai Province from the perspective of castle-based military settlements

  title={An exploration of the military defense system of the Ming Great Wall in Qinghai Province from the perspective of castle-based military settlements},
  author={Yumin Du and Wenwu Chen and Kai Cui and Zhiqian Guo and Guopeng Wu and Xiaofeng Ren},
  journal={Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences},
The Ming Great Wall distributed in Qinghai Province is a significant part of the Great Wall, which is the most world-renowned heritage site in China. However, compared to the Great Wall sections in other provinces, this section has not been systematically researched due to the later complete investigation and not enough attention paid from the public. It is of importance to study the Ming Great Wall Military Defense System (M-GWMDS), as it is the premise and foundation for further systematic… Expand
Study on the linear absent section ratio (L-ASR) of earthen sites and anthropogenic influence from the perspective of population density
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Ancient Great Wall Building Materials Reveal Paleoenvironmental Changes in Northwestern China
  • R. Patalano, Jing Hu, +6 authors Hong Yang
  • Geography
  • 2021
Plant material used in the construction of segments and beacon towers of the ancient Great Wall in northwestern China contain untapped potential for revealing paleoenvironmental conditions. Here,Expand


The fractal structure of the Ming Great Wall Military Defense System: A revised horizon over the relationship between the Great Wall and the military defense settlements
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The Military Defense System and Fortresses Distribution along The Great Wall in Liaodong Town in Ming Dynasty
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Study on Damage Assessment of Earthen Sites of the Ming Great Wall in Qinghai Province Based on Fuzzy-AHP and AHP-TOPSIS
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Architectural Forms and Distribution Characteristics of Beacon Towers of the Ming Great Wall in Qinghai Province
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Snowfall-related deterioration behavior of the Ming Great Wall in the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
The Ming Great Wall in the Qinghai Province is an important section of the Great Wall of China. Most of this section is fabricated with rammed earth. The preserving environment of the Ming Great WallExpand
A Model Characterizing Deterioration at Earthen Sites of the Ming Great Wall in Qinghai Province, China
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Stereo mapping of Ming Great Wall with remote sensing
Listed by UNESCO in 1987 as a World Heritage site, the world-famous Ming Great Wall stretches several thousands of kilometers across northern China, and served as a massive military defensive systemExpand
Efficient space and resource planning strategies: treelike fractal traffic networks of the Ming Great Wall Military Defence System
The study findings reveal that the M-GWMDS is thoroughly integrated with the linear Great Wall via the treelike fractal traffic networks, thus forming a defence system characterized by highly efficient space and resource planning. Expand