An exploration of nurse-patient relationships in accident and emergency.


This paper explores the nature of nurse-patient relationships in accident and emergency (A&E) drawing from nursing theory and research, and with reflection on three episodes of practice from the author's experience. First the case for nurse-patient relationships is presented with reference to nursing theory, statutory and professional literature. The benefits of positive nurse-patient relationships in A&E are then explored, followed by a discussion of the barriers to nurse-patient relationships forming in A&E. How relationships are formed is then considered, highlighting the short space of time available, and the importance of first impressions. The first practice episode analysed is a situation where the author felt she had not formed a relationship with the patient at all. In the second, the author questions whether the relationship had been over-involved and this is discussed in relation to the nature of involvement and what constitutes over-involvement. In the final practice episode the author felt that a positive relationship was formed with benefits to the patient concerned. The paper concludes by highlighting the importance of nurse-patient relationships in A&E, and how they can be formed in light of the barriers discussed previously.

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