An experimental study of the detailed flame transport in a SI engine using simultaneous dual-plane OH-LIF and stereoscopic PIV

  title={An experimental study of the detailed flame transport in a SI engine using simultaneous dual-plane OH-LIF and stereoscopic PIV},
  author={Brian Peterson and Elias Baum and Andreas Dreizler and Benjamin B{\"o}hm},
  journal={Combustion and Flame},
Abstract Understanding the detailed flame transport in IC engines is important to accurately predict ignition and combustion phasing, rate of heat release and assess engine performance. This is particularly important for RANS and LES engine simulations, which often struggle to accurately predict flame propagation and heat release without first adjusting model parameters. Detailed measurements of flame transport in technical systems are required to guide model development and validation. This… Expand
Near-Wall Flame and Flow Measurements in an Optically Accessible SI Engine
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Pocket formation and behavior in turbulent premixed flames
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Effect of Low Temporal Resolution on the Uncertainty of Resolving Flame Speed of Moving Flames
  • Dong Hyuk Shin
  • Environmental Science
  • Journal of The Korean Society of Combustion
  • 2020
This paper analyzes the effect of low temporal resolution on the accuracy of determining the local flame speed for experimental measurements and simulations. Flame speed measurement of moving flamesExpand
Influence of Thermal Expansion on Fluid Dynamics of Turbulent Premixed Combustion and Its Modelling Implications
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Time-resolved particle image velocimetry
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Characterization of Flame Front Wrinkling in a Highly Pressure-Charged Spark Ignition Engine


Flame/flow dynamics at the piston surface of an IC engine measured by high-speed PLIF and PTV
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Experimental characteristics of turbulent premixed flame in a boosted Spark-Ignition engine
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Premixed flame propagation in turbulent flow by means of stereoscopic PIV and dual-plane OH-PLIF at sustained kHz repetition rates
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Topological development of homogeneous-charge and spray-guided stratified-charge flames in an internal combustion engine
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Three-dimensional flame displacement speed and flame front curvature measurements using quad-plane PIV
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Relationship between local reaction rate and flame structure in turbulent premixed flames from simultaneous 10 kHz TPIV, OH PLIF, and CH2O PLIF
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