An experimental study of buffet detection on supercritical airfoils in transonic regime

  title={An experimental study of buffet detection on supercritical airfoils in transonic regime},
  author={Ali-Mohammad Golestani and Mir Biuk Ehghaghi Bonab and Mohammad Reza Soltani},
  journal={Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering},
  pages={312 - 322}
Conventional buffet onset methods for a 2D supercritical airfoil, SC0410, in transonic regime for various Mach number and various angles of attack have been surveyed. The existing methods give good results for high subsonic and transonic regimes, but demand a computational procedure to detect the buffet onset. One of these methods, trailing edge pressure divergence, that have been recognized inappropriate in other studies for supercritical airfoils, shows acceptable result at least for the… 
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Impact of Reduced frequency on Pressure Distribution on Lower Surface of a Supercritical Airfoil in Pitch-Pause-Return-Motion
Effects of reduced frequency, pause duration and stop angle on pressure distribution on the lower surface of thin supercritical airfoil undergoing the pitch-pause-return maneuver have been studied.
Impact of reduced frequency on the time lag in pressure distribution over a supercritical airfoil in a pitch-pause-return motion
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Direction-adaptive energy harvesting with a guide wing under flow-induced oscillations
This paper takes the lead to address the unidirectional sensitivity issue and proposes a novel direction-adaptive energy harvester that endows harvesters with an all-around multiddirectional sensitivity, and thus will accelerate energy harveters’ applications in oceans.


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