An expeditious total synthesis of both diastereoisomeric lipid dihydroxytetrahydrofurans from Notheia anomala.

  title={An expeditious total synthesis of both diastereoisomeric lipid dihydroxytetrahydrofurans from Notheia anomala.},
  author={Sudeshna Roy and C. Spilling},
  journal={Organic letters},
  volume={14 9},
Short, high yielding syntheses of both diastereomers of the naturally occurring oxylipids 1 and 2 using a combination of organocatalytic hydroxylation of an aldehyde, alkene cross metathesis, and palladium(0) catalyzed cyclization chemistry (six-step process) are reported. Furthermore, the influence of the catalyst on the cross metathesis reaction of the homoallylic 1,2-diol has been studied in detail. 
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