An expansion of Basic Logic with fixed points

  title={An expansion of Basic Logic with fixed points},
  author={Luca Spada},
  journal={Soft Computing},
  • L. Spada
  • Published 2017
  • Mathematics
  • Soft Computing
We introduce an expansion of Basic Logic (BL) with new connectives which express fixed points of continuous formulas, i.e. formulas of BL whose connectives are among $$ \{ \& ,\vee ,\wedge \}$${&,∨,∧}. The algebraic semantics of this logic is studied together with some of its subclasses corresponding to extensions of the above-mentioned expansion. The axiomatic extensions are proved to be standard complete. 
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Tripled fuzzy metric spaces and fixed point theorem



Fixed Point Logics

The relationship between inflationary and nondeterministic fixed point logics and second order logic is established, and questions related to the determinacy of games associated with alternating fixed points are considered.

ŁΠ logic with fixed points

It is proved that μŁΠ is standard complete, i.e., complete with regard to the unit interval of real numbers endowed with a suitable structure, and that the class of algebras which forms algebraic semantics for this logic is generated, as a variety, by its linearly ordered members.

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A Proof of Standard Completeness for Esteva and Godo's Logic MTL

This result is used to show that Esteva and Godo's logic MTL is complete with respect to interpretations into commutative residuated lattices on [0, 1].

Storage Operators and Multiplicative Quantifiers in Many-valued Logics

The algebraic completeness of the logics obtained by the adding of a storage operator* is investigated, as well as completeness with respect to real and rational-valued semantics.

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It is shown that one infinitary rule is sufficient to obtain strong standard completeness, also in the first- order case, and a tight bound to the complexity of BL first-order formulas which are valid in the standard semantics.

Advances in the theory of μŁΠ algebras

This work gives a functional representation of any ŁΠ1/2 algebra in the style of Di Nola Theorem for MV-algebras, shows that the first-order theory of linearly ordered μŁŠ algebrAs enjoys quantifier elimination, and proves that the equational theory of μŵΠ alagbras is in PSPACE.

muMV-algebras: An approach to fixed points in Lukasiewicz logic

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An Introduction to Inductive Definitions