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An example of a non-Borel locally-connected finite-dimensional topological group

  title={An example of a non-Borel locally-connected finite-dimensional topological group},
  author={I.Banakh and T.Banakh and M.Vovk},
Answering a question posed by S.Maillot in MathOverFlow, for every n ∈ N we construct a locally connected subgroup G ⊂ Rn+1 of dimension dim(G) = n, which is not locally compact. By a classical result of Gleason [3] and Montgomery [6], every locally pathconnected finite-dimensional topological group G is locally compact. Generalizing this result of Gleason and Montgomery, Banakh and Zdomskyy [1] proved that a topological group G is locally compact if G is compactly finite-dimensional and… 


Closed Locally Path-Connected Subspaces of Finite-Dimensional Groups Are Locally Compact
We prove that each closed locally continuum- connected subspace of a finite dimensional topological group is locally compact. This allows us to construct many 1-dimensional metrizable separable
Arcs in Locally Compact Groups.
  • A. Gleason
  • Mathematics, Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1950
Together with Theorem 2 and the results for cyclic groups, these Theorems prove that any abelian homology or cohomology group A,(II) or Af(II, J) may be computed in a finite number of steps.
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A non locally compact group of finite topological dimension
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