An examination of predictors of nonverbal and verbal communication of pleasure during sex and sexual satisfaction

  title={An examination of predictors of nonverbal and verbal communication of pleasure during sex and sexual satisfaction},
  author={Elizabeth A. Babin},
  journal={Journal of Social and Personal Relationships},
  pages={270 - 292}
  • Elizabeth A. Babin
  • Published 1 May 2013
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
This study examined a model in which sexual communication apprehension and sexual self-esteem were expected to predict individuals’ verbal and nonverbal communication of pleasure during sex, which in turn were expected to predict participants’ sexual satisfaction. The data produced support for five of the six hypothesized relationships. Nonverbal communication during sex fully mediated the relationship between sexual self-esteem and sexual satisfaction, and partially mediated the relationship… Expand

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