An evaluation of type A and B alcoholics.

  title={An evaluation of type A and B alcoholics.},
  author={Marc A Schuckit and J E Tipp and Tom L Smith and Eugene Shapiro and Victor M. Hesselbrock and Kathleen K Bucholz and Theodore Reich and John J I Nurnberger},
  volume={90 9},
Evaluations of 1539 alcohol-dependent subjects (including 512 women) were carried out in an attempt to replicate the Type A/B dichotomy suggested by Babor et al. (1992). The subjects are participants in the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism (COGA), and each was evaluated using a face-to-face structured interview. Following the procedure of Babor et al. (1992), data were used to create 17 domains, and a k-means clustering method was invoked to generate a two-cluster solution… CONTINUE READING