An evaluation of spinal deformity in metastatic breast cancer.

  title={An evaluation of spinal deformity in metastatic breast cancer.},
  author={P L Asdourian and Steven M. Mardjetko and Wolfgang Rauschning and H{\aa}kan Jonsson and Kim W Hammerberg and R L Dewald},
  journal={Journal of spinal disorders},
  volume={3 2},
Between October 1984 and January 1988 31 magnetic resonance (MR) imaging studies were performed on 27 patients with metastatic vertebral breast cancer (MVBC). The MR images were reviewed to determine the extent and type of sagittal spinal deformity, and whether spinal canal compromise was present. Adjunct studies were compared to determine the pathogenesis of spinal deformity and the etiology of spinal canal compromise. An analysis of the data revealed that a consistent pattern of sagittal… CONTINUE READING
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