An evaluation of isotonic "sport drinks" during labor.

  title={An evaluation of isotonic "sport drinks" during labor.},
  author={Mark Kubli and Mark J L Scrutton and Paul T Seed and G. O'Sullivan},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={94 2},
  pages={404-8, table of contents}
UNLABELLED We compared the metabolic effects of allowing women isotonic "sport drinks" rather than water to drink during labor. The effect of these drinks on gastric residual volume was also evaluated. Sixty women in early labor (cervical dilation <5 cm) were randomized to receive either isotonic sport drinks or water only. Plasma beta-hydroxybutyrate, nonesterified fatty acids, and glucose were measured in early labor and at the end of the first stage of labor. Residual gastric volume was… CONTINUE READING


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