An evaluation of conceptual weaknesses in transformational and charismatic leadership theories.

  title={An evaluation of conceptual weaknesses in transformational and charismatic leadership theories.},
  author={Gary A. Yukl},
  journal={Leadership Quarterly},
  • G. Yukl
  • Published 1 June 1999
  • Business
  • Leadership Quarterly

Situational , Transformational , and Transactional Leadership and Leadership Development

In order to advance our knowledge of leadership, it is necessary to understand where the study of leadership has been. McCleskey (2014) argued that the study of leadership spans more than 100 years.

The transformational‐transactional leadership model in practice

Explores the nature of transformational and transactional leadership among business executives. Comments reveal that most executives believe there are weaknesses as well as strengths with both

An Affective Events Model of Charismatic Leadership Behavior: A Review, Theoretical Integration, and Research Agenda

Although research has long focused on the consequences of leaders’ charismatic behavior, the antecedents of such leadership are increasingly gaining scholarly attention. Nevertheless, the

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There is a widely shared consensus that charismatic–transformational leadership is a particularly effective form of leadership. In a critical assessment of the state-of-the-science in this area of

Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness in Higher Education

Organizational research contains a great variety of theories, models and approaches about managerial effectiveness and specifically about leadership. The present article reviews how major leadership

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Transactional and Transformational leadership styles have attracted the interest of many researchers in recent time. While some believe that they are the same, others believe they are different. This

Charismatic and Transformational Leadership Styles: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Culture’s influence on leadership processes is generally accepted. However, differing leadership styles will be differentially impacted by the cultural context in which they seek to operate. The

Charisma as an attribute of transformational leaders: what about credibility?

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to propose a conceptual model describing potential relationships among transformational leadership, charisma, credibility and organizational performance.

Transformational leadership and followers' attitudes: the mediating role of psychological empowerment

There is now strong evidence that transformational leadership substantially influences the work attitudes and behaviours of followers. However, the mechanisms by which transformational leaders

Researching the Trainability of Transformational Organizational Leadership

Findings about the effectiveness of leadership training vary. This research tests for the effectiveness of transformational leadership training, using the Full Range Leadership Development (FRLD)


In the existing transformational leadership research, little attention has been paid to contextual influences on transformational leadership. To more fully understand transformational leadership as

Toward a Behavioral Theory of Charismatic Leadership in Organizational Settings

Charismatic leadership has been largely overlooked by organizational theorists. In part, the problem can be attributed to the lack of a systematic conceptual framework Drawing from political science,


A model relating "crisis" to the emergence of charismatic leadership and perceived leadership effectiveness was examined within an experimental setting. Path analyses revealed that subjects who

Charismatic leadership in organizations

PART ONE: THEORY DEVELOPMENT Evolution of the Field A Model of Charismatic Leadership Charismatic Leadership Measurement and Empirical Validity PART TWO: COMPONENTS OF CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP The

A New Paradigm for Leadership: An Inquiry into Transformational Leadership.

Abstract : The preponderance of research on leadership stems from either of the two dominant models of leadership. The transactional model and the transformational model have provided the backbone

Charisma And Leadership In Organizations

Leadership theory and research the concept of charisma the nature of charisma charisma, organization and routinization the new leadership and charisma research on the new leadership and charisma in

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The Leadership Situation and the Black Box in Contingency Theories. Legitimacy, Power, and Influence. A Perspective on Relational Features of Leadership. Transformational Leadership. A Response to

Identification of Transformational Leadership Qualities: An Examination of Potential Biases

A basic ingredient in transformational leadership development consists in identifying leadership qualities via distribution of the multifactor leadership questionnaire MLQ to followers of the target

The Motivational Effects of Charismatic Leadership: A Self-Concept Based Theory

The empirical literature on charismatic or transformational leadership demonstrates that such leadership has profound effects on followers. However, while several versions of charismatic leadership

Charismatic leadership in organizations: Perceived behavioral attributes and their measurement

Recent interest in the charismatic leadership role of managers in organizations calls for the identification and measurement of perceived behavior characteristics of such leadership. This article