An essential role for Akt1 in dendritic cell function and tumor immunotherapy

  title={An essential role for Akt1 in dendritic cell function and tumor immunotherapy},
  author={Dongsu Park and Natalia Lapteva and Mamatha R. Seethammagari and Kevin M. Slawin and David M. Spencer},
  journal={Nature Biotechnology},
Current dendritic cell (DC) vaccine preparations involving ex vivo differentiation and maturation produce short-lived, transiently active DCs that may curtail T-cell responses in vivo. We demonstrate that Akt1, downregulation of which decreases DC lifespan, is critical for proinflammatory signal–mediated DC survival and maturation. Lipopolysaccharide or CD40 signaling stabilizes Akt1, promoting both activation and Bcl-2–dependent survival of DCs. Expression of a potent allele encoding a lipid… CONTINUE READING


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AKTion on multiple fronts

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