An essential 'set' of K+ channels conserved in flies, mice and humans.

  title={An essential 'set' of K+ channels conserved in flies, mice and humans.},
  author={Lawrence Salkoff and Kelly Baker and Alice Butler and Manuel Covarrubias and Michael D. Pak and Andrew Wei},
  journal={Trends in neurosciences},
  volume={15 5},
The molecular genetic approach to studying K+ channels has revealed that at least four subfamilies of voltage-gated K+ channels originally discovered in Drosophila are conserved in mice and humans. This conservation of the K+ channel subfamilies Shaker, Shal, Shab, and Shaw suggests that not only the broad outlines of membrane electrical properties but also many molecular details as well evolved in the parent species ancestral to both invertebrate and vertebrate life. Shaker, Shal, Shab, and… CONTINUE READING

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