An essay on continued fractions

  title={An essay on continued fractions},
  author={Leonhard Euler and Myra F. Wyman and Bostwick F. Wyman},
  journal={Mathematical systems theory},
English translation of the paper: "De Fractionibus Continuis Dissertatio" by Leonhard Euler. 
Quadratic irrational integers with partly prescribed continued fraction expansion
We generalise remarks of Euler and of Perron by explaining how to detail all quadratic irrational integers for which the symmetric part of the period of their continued fraction expansion commences
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Using a theorem of Frobenius filtered through partition generating function techniques, we prove partition-theoretic and $q$-series Abelian theorems, yielding analogues of Abel's convergence theorem
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In the paper, by virtue of induction and properties of determinants, the authors discover explicit and recurrent formulas of evaluations for determinants of general tridiagonal matrices in terms of
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We study double-sided continued fractions whose coefficients are non-commuting symbols. We work within the formal approach of the Mal'cev-Neumann series and free division rings. We start with
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GLY 4866, Computational Geology, provides an opportunity, welcomed by our faculty, to teach quantitative literacy to geology majors at USF. The course continues to evolve although the second author
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The picture that caught my eye was the squarish-looking spiral below. It was part of the Summarium of [E275], "Notes on a certain passage of Descartes for looking at the quadrature of the circle."
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In this Ph.D. dissertation (2018, Emory University) we prove theorems at the intersection of the additive and multiplicative branches of number theory, bringing together ideas from partition theory,


Continued Fractions
The study of continued fractions is an ancient part of elementary Number Theory. It was studied by Leonhard Euler in the 18-th century. Actually, a remarkable paper from him was translated from Latin
A Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions
THE memoir in which Bessel, the astronomer, examined in detail the functions which now bear his name was published in 1824, and was the outcome of his earlier researches concerning the expression of
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